A number of tribes constitute to make people of Balochistan. Three major tribes are Baloch (Baloch & Brahvi) and Pashtoon. The Balochi speaking tribes include Rind, Lashari, Marri, Jamot, Ahmedzai, Bugti Domki, Magsi, Kenazai, Khosa, Rakhashani, Dashti, Umrani, Nosherwani, Gichki, Buledi, Notazai, Sanjarani, Meerwani, Zahrozai, langove, kenazai and Khidai.

The social organization of the Baloch is based on blood kinship. Different groups of people mostly descend from a common ancestor. Members of each group share common interests and liabilities. This has made clan organization the basis of Baloch society. Every sub-clan (paro) represents a family, and a few sub-clans or paros together constitute a clan. Several clans grouped together make a tribe (tuman).

The social tie among the members of one tribe implies unconditional sincerity to the members of clan fellow. The chief of a paro (sub-clan or family) is usually its eldest member and is known as Wadera. The chief of a clan known as Muqaddam or Tukkri is either nominated by the Sardar (tribal chief) or is elected by the Waderas. However, this mostly use to be a hereditary institution and election or nomination is made from amongst the descendants of the former Mugaddam or Tukkri.

The tribal chief or Sardar is always hereditary and is mostly the eldest son of a deceased Sardar. However, if the eldest son is undeserving or disliked, election amongst other sons or brothers of the deceased can be made. This election is made by Tukkries or Mugaddams. Once the election or nomination has been made it is unanimously accepted by all and forever. It had been very rare that people have revolted against sovereignty of their chiefs.

The Baloch, believed to have originally come from Arabia or Asia Minor, can be divided in to two branches: the Sulemani and Mekrani as distinct from the Brahvis who mostly concentrate in central Balochistan. Among the eighteen major Baloch tribes, Bugtis and Marris are the principal ones who are settled in the buttresses of the Sulemania. The Talpur of Sind aIso claim their Baloch origin.

Brahvi speaking tribe include Raisani, Shahwani, Sumulani, Sarparrah, Bangulzai, Mohammad Shahi, Lehri, Bezenjo, Mohammad Hasni, Zehri , Sarparrah, Mengal, Kurd,Sasoli, Satakzai, Lango, Rodeni, Kalmati, Jattak, Yagazehi and Qambarani , most of these tribes are bi-lingual and are quite fluent both in the Balochi and Brahvi Languages. The Pashtoon tribes include Kakar, Ghilzai Tareen, Mandokhel, Sherani, Luni, Kasi and Achakzai.