Security Forces

Provincial Forces

Balochistan Levies
Balochistan Levies is a paramilitary force of Balochistan. It operates as a law enforcement agency tasked with maintaining law and order in the province. It is headed by a Director-General and is mostly constituted by local security personnel, including Baloch officers.
Areas which are manned by and are under the control of the Levies are called “B-Areas” while those under the control of the Balochistan Police are dubbed “A-Areas”. The levies have been praised for their efficiency and reliability; this is attributed to the fact that it predominantly consists of local officers who are familiar with and well accustomed to the political and law and order landscape of Balochistan, thus fulfilling the concept of community policing.

Balochistan Police
Balochistan Police is responsible for the law and order situation in mostly urban areas only, which are called A-areas. This division has been in place, in various forms, since the time of the British Raj. Balochistan’s rural areas, called B areas, are policed by the Balochistan Levies. The strength of Balochistan Police is 38,000 as of 2018.

Balochistan Constabulary
Balochistan Constabulary was established in 2001. It consist of 7 zones; zone 1, 2 and 3 being in Quetta while the remaining 4 comprises of Loralai, Sibbi, Gwadar and Khuzdar. The commandant is an Additional Inspector General (AIG) who is a grade 21 government officer, assisted by Duty Inspector General (DIG).

Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF)
The Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) comprises of 11 wings. It assists regular police in launching operation against the militants, maintaining law and order situations, ensuring security of foreign delegates and VVIPS, and protecting the high security zones in Quetta. Its officers are sent to Islamabad’s Anti-Terrorist Training School or Lahore’s Elite Police Training School. A batch of ATF officers even received one-month extra training at the Divisional Battle School of Pakistan Army in Quetta, in February 2015.

Federal Forces

Frontier Corps (FC)
FC Balochistan has 16 corps based in Balochistan with its Headquarter in Quetta. Each subdivision is headed by a seconded inspector general, who is a Pakistan Army officer of at least major-general rank, although the force itself is under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry. Some of the FC’s constituent units such as the Zhob Militia have regimental histories dating back to British colonial times. FC Balochistan has a manpower of more than 50,000 troops. The School of Frontier Corps and Training Centre Loralai is the primary training institution, whereas Battle School Belali is for advanced courses.