Muslim Bagh (Urdu: مسلم باغ‬‎) is a town of Killa Saifullah District in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.
Muslim Bagh was formerly called Hindu Bagh, which is believed to have originated in a garden that was planted here by a Hindu saint in ages past. Later it was named as “Muslim Bagh” by former minister Moulvi Saleh Muhammad Mardanzai of that time. In some winters, Kan Mehtarzai and Muslim Bagh experience several feet of snow, though normal temperature is about -7 °C to 10 °C (19 °F to 50 °F).
The section of railways, when laid during the British Raj, was called the Zhob Valley Railway (ZVR). It has been out of service since 1986 but these days all the left over track is being uprooted and sold as scrap. This was once longest Narrow-Gauge Railways of the British Raj.
During First World War, a Railway line was laid from a place called Khanai (30 km north of Quetta) to Muslim Bagh.

Source: Wikipedia
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