Koh-i-Chiltan, (Urdu: کوہ چلتن‬‎; ”Mount Chiltan”) is a peak located in the Chiltan mountain group of the Sulaiman Mountains, in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province, in western Pakistan.
Koh-i-Chiltan is the summit of a steep, rocky mountain called Chiltan or Chehel-Tan (Persian/Balochi: ‘Forty Bodies’). ‘Lwarrh Saar’ is the highest peak of Chiltan mountains range at 3,194 metres (10,479 ft), it is the third-highest peak of Quetta after Zarghoon Ghar and Koh-i-Takatu, and fifth-highest peak of Balochistan. There are many juniper trees found in high ranges.

Picture Courtesy: Zahid Shehzad
Majestic Balochistan


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