Being a lover of rough and rustic lands,  my bent of mind lies in tales about deserts and unexplored areas, Balochistan is the ideal destination for this purpose, as it is occupied with variety of spots that are hidden from naked eyes.

As a tour operator by profession, I generally look  for some new places where I can take my voyagers. Couple of months back I came across another area in Balochistan named “Kanrach”. It’s near Bela where a Chinese venture is under development and access to overall population is restricted. Two of the best explorers of Pakistan Mr. Hanif Bhatti and his peert Mr. Talal had investigated this  place in past, keeping that in mind  I made an arrangement to make an excursionon the spot.

On a Sunday morning, we  left for the trip. On the way we planned to satisfy hunger  at Winderwhereas after getting stuffed we proceeded further.There is a street driving towards Duddur Project from right half of Winder, this is 100km drive straight to Duddur. The street was flawless and clean contains rocky mountains and excellence spreaded on both sides. Camels were discovered meandering on the streets while at some distance stood huts made of dried  bamboo sticks  on the roadsides.

Camel 1


What caught our attention on the other side were the giant mountains on which peculiar formations became the core of attraction . In spite of the fact that these mountains were truly distinctive and in the entire region they popular the most because of their  comparative shape.


Mountains 3


Moving further there was a spot comprising of small lakes, the water of which was crystal clear to the extent that under water creatures were visible.

lakes 4



Moving ahead, we reached the main streams of Kanrach, after one hour drive. The view in front of us changed after a short stroll as a cool breeze touched us sending chill down our spines. There was another set of streams concealed  underneath the stones, secured with green shrubs.. The water was green in shade and sparkling, , however we figured out how to go on that side, there were little waterfalls which gave impact of an aeration and cooling system.




We attempted to chat with few locals who  helped us in correspondence. They directed us to another beautiful waterfall, of which water was shimmering like crystal beads and not just that but the pace of falling water was much quick compared to the previous ones .

waterfall 6



As soon as the clock struck one it was a clear stimulus from our growling stomachs to get settled for lunch but there was more to explore. People of Balochistan are very hospitable evidence of which was the fact that a landlord arranged our lunch and tried his level best to make us feel at home by serving mouthwatering barbeque items.

After having lunch, we advanced  with our excursion towards the last stream of Kanrach Valley , it took around thirty minutes to reach  the point from where we needed to cover four kilometer trekking as it was impractical for a typical vehicle to go further. The entire range was secured with rocks and we couldn’t even make a solitary smooth stride, there was no level area. Being all pumped up and enthusiastic for the new experience of trekking we reached the place which is famed for its magnificence. Amidst trekking there came a variety of lovely scenes  in view, cattles were gazing freely  on the mountains,while on the other hand sun was tailing us underneath the mountains.

mountains 7


Eventually we came to the last stream which was unimaginably excellent to the extent that we could not believe whether it is a picturesque or real. The stream was originating from the mountain and behind it there was a lovely perspective of the entire valley.


water 8



After spending an hour of fully enjoying the natural beauty it was time to take our way. We aimed to trek back in sunlight otherwise the rough dry mountains would have given us a tough time. Minutes before the nightfall we successfully reached our cars which left us with the least desire to drive back home but we were exhausted to the limit..

Doubtlessly, we can agree with the fact that Almighty Allah has bestowed our country with mesmerizing scenic beauty which leaves any individual awestruck. Talking about Balochistan the image which strikes mind is of scraggy dry mountains but whoever has this conception should make a trip to Kanrach Valley for an adventurous experience.


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