Every year undoubtedly Pashtun culture day is deliberately celebrated on 23rd of September, ever since the year 2015. Basically, the day was intended to promote the Pashtun day during the world Pushto conference held in Quetta, the year 2015. The Pashtun day is based on Pashtunwali, which is the earliest way of living. the day was observed by people presenting their culture by wearing Pashtun dresses and speaking their language in the remembrance of that day.

The culture of Pashtun people is highlighted since at last time of Herodotus or alexander the great. While exploring the Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, this day has little outside influence over the ages. Since then, every single year the day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal on social media.

The question is whether people are aware of the Pashtun culture or not. Are they aware of the history of Pashtuns ? and with the sense of the philosophy of bacha khan. How many of us seen the Attan, and the traditional Pashtun dance? Is the common Pakistani being able to differentiate between baby and a Rubab? Are the great renown poets being accessible to all the Pakistan? the choir that strikes our minds is do we know anything about Pashtun culture?

Even in today’s date anyone from west hears about Pashtun’s, the image they build in their mind was of an uncivilized people of the downtown area, they are terrorist, they are uneducated, backward, people who are all-time engaged in wars, they are good. Etc. but today all the curtains are unveiled. This Pashtun day the image will break, and it will become inevitable for the youth to unearth the stereotypes associated with Pashtun in this contemporary world. such days not only bring enrichment around the world but also bring the traditions of Pashtun to the world. These minor aspects of this culture combine to bring the components of this enriched culture with the sign of beauty.

However, providently this day can be beneficial for the entire country, to create a sense of awareness and to skillfully attain the dimension of this Pakistani culture better but also helps the Pashtun community itself.

Moreover, the people of Pashtun are overwhelmed by violence and other various causes of society with are the main cause of hindrance in their ways. Apart from being letting the people through the institutional mean, it’s important to let the other institutes work on it. There is a great need of bringing the Pashtun poetry and theatre prominent on tv industry.

This is indispensable to bring the youth of Pashtun from the shadow of violence and let the entire country aware of this culture . undoubtedly Pashtun culture should give recognition and hope to celebrate it with full intensity in the upcoming years.


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