Haplessly, Balochistan being the prosperous province of Pakistan is legged out behind in the sector of education among all the provinces. Despite, of being rich with good resources, Balochistan is the broke province of Pakistan according to the report of UNDP, with around 70 to 71 percent poverty inside areas of Balochistan.

Moreover, it has the literacy rate of 40 percent without any rise over the years. It is well said that the absence of education and awareness in Balochistan manifests in different harrowing forms. In one of the reports of Balochistan’s education sector, it reveals that there is a formidable challenge that the education sector faces in Balochistan.

According to the estimation, 1.8 million of children are dropped out of schools in the province where the ratio of female students is high in proportion. Because of the less amenities 60 percent of students are drop out from school after reaching to primary school. Whereas, 50 to 60 percent of students quite before reaching to matriculation.

Another report reveals that most of the schools are of single room and have no walls and basic facilities, which should be provided to the student as a basic human right.
on the other hand, Balochistan is being well to do , Pakistan is facing loathsome problems . it is painful to say that plenty of the students are deprived of rudimentary opportunities whose life and future are being destroyed due to not having enough money to attain education. Which is fundamental need of everyone in the life.

There are the three main reasons of why Balochistan is backward in education . the first one is the absences of course books , not provided by the government to poor. secondly, our government is not paying enough attention towards the deteriorated situation of education in Balochistan. Thirdly, the people themselves are not aware of the benefits of education . rather they send their children to earn income and support their families.

in addition to this most of the schools are found in the miserable condition . another report reveals that 900 ghost schools with many fake registrations of students . as matter of fact I myself has seen such schools and institute around our area.

Unfortunately, the people of Balochistan is still the victims to a medieval outlook and remain comparatively fall behind in the field of Balochistan.

One cannot blind the eyes from this situation it is fare more complex then deprivations. Education is the backbone of a nation, the government should monitor to ever school and should ensure the presence of teachers and fulfil all the basic needs and facilities to students of Balochistan to they can stand aside the students of globe .


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