Population in the cities are engulfed in environments where political, social, and economic issues cannot be separated from issues such as cohesion in a society. Therefore, cities are the best areas for people to perceive the complexity of environmental problems and to reflect upon local innovations to address those issues. The diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicities, classes etc. propose challenges to understand the historical and current environmental conditions. However, all such indicators can be efficiently contained in the youth which should be flexible towards the changing environment of the society.

If the same analogy is seen in the context of Balochistan, the youth of Balochistan should be encouraged to engaged in the changing dynamics of the province. One angle is of development and another one is lifting up the poverty level. Only if a specific segment of youth should be engaged in the industrialization, the rapid growth of industries lifts up the poverty from the province. The other sector of youth should be engaged in education, so they can drive the province in the right direction since the whole human resources are based on education and labor force.

Balochistan is blessed with energetic and motivated youth. The only thing required is putting them in the right direction. Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that more youngsters from Balochistan should be encouraged to learn the Chinese language because the era of modernization and development that CPEC is bringing to the region. In next few years there will be thousands of Chinese industries and for this purpose, Balochistan must have good communicators. For this purpose, National University of Modern Language will be built in Gwadar soon. It’s funding is already approved by the President of Pakistan.

Another segment which is quite important to mention is developing the skillset of youth in Balochistan. The provisional government must open technical institutions which should develop another sector of life comprised of technical people. These people will eventually help the society and layman of the province as they will be equipped with a specific skillset. Analyzing the whole situation, CPEC fruits will be shared by the whole of Balochistan but if the rogue elements again want to disturb the law and order situation of Balochistan their target will be the youth hence, it is important for the youth of Balochistan to not get involved in such agendas.

Pakistan is on its way to progress and sustain growth. Balochistan is getting the largest chunk of development from the China Pakistan Economic Corridor projects. Now the whole burden is on the youth of Balochistan who can defiantly take the progress at the highest ranges. With an efficient approach, the youth of Balochistan can do valuable contributions for their state and province paralleled to CPEC.


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