Balochistan has an abundance of untapped natural resources, and an important geopolitical disposition. The irony is that, due to amalgamation of issues, this province has not been able to progress despite its resources. The province is underdeveloped, there is widespread terrorism, and it the only province of Pakistan which has faced a five-time major era of the insurgency. Such outrageous dilemmas, distress the socioeconomic domains of the Balochistan.

Every sphere of life has been affected with such tragic contours of Balochistan. The Health department is in such poor and vulnerable condition, and HIV, hepatitis and AIDS are prevalent. So much so, that there is only one ICU unit that was established last year after the incident of the Quetta Lawyers carnage. There is a shortage of medical facilities in the province, and the hospitals are very poorly maintained. Moreover, the staff is also facing severe problems, doctors, para-medical staffs and even the clerical staff of hospitals included in it. There is no heart hospital in entire province, and only the capital has few major hospitals. The condition is such, that in emergency situations, patients have to travel to Karachi or Quetta for medical facilities.

Other dimension of the problem is the shortage of Doctors. Last year health minister and Chief Minister of Balochistan asked the Federal Government to provide doctors on an ad-hoc basis. Federal doctors, on the other hand, also feel reluctant to serve in Balochistan due to the cult image that the media shows about Balochistan.

Since the last two months, the doctors of Balochistan are on a strike, and in the last two weeks, the matter turned so perilous that the judiciary to intervene. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, and Justice Ijaz ul Hasan summoned Chief Secretary Balochistan, and the President of Youth Doctors Forum. In hearing, CJP got to know that young doctors were protesting because they were being very low salaries of 24000 rupees. Chief Secterary reiterated that by end of this year it will be increased by 4000 rupees. He also ordered for the recruitment of 571 more doctors and also 500 doctors that will be recruited on contract basis as well. On contrary the president of young doctors put the demand that other doctors of various provinces are getting 60000 stipend. On this CJP stated that stipend should be proportionate with the economic position of the province. Hence whoever is doing politics should be sacked immediately and he ordered that young doctors should perform their duties and then put their demands of increase in stipends.

In well-developed countries and matured societies, it’s the basic right of doctors to serve humanity rather than doing strikes because the common man suffers because of these incidents. It is the prime responsibility of government to address these issues and compensate such valuable sections of society. Same goes for the doctors they should know that due to their negligence any person of state should not suffer.


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