We are living in a paradox myth where there is a rhetoric that Pakistan is not entertaining Balochistan. This is the 21st century where people can get any kind of information. Regarding Balochistan, the fallacies have been constructed on mere blatant lies, having no ground realities.

Analyzing the situation of Balochistan, there is steady progress due to the mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The Gwadar port has been constructed and inaugurated for full operations. The mega city of oil is in process of construction whereas the infrastructural blueprints of developed provinces have been followed in Balochistan. Makran Coastal Highway is a prime example of such development. Furthermore, the industrial complex has been starting building their warehouses which will eventually produce revenue, job opportunities and it will add to the progress of the province.

Not only the provisional government is investing relentlessly in making Balochistan prosperous but Foreign Direct Investment is also balancing the equation due to sustainable growth in Balochistan. The living standards are also increasing in Balochistan, literacy rate has been improved, health facilities have been improved, many doctors and lady workers have been designated to work in Balochistan. In holistic view, Balochistan is not that Balochistan which was once not paid due attention. The people are satisfied, the government of Balochistan is making history. Key international players in global politics are willing to invest in the province. More than 28 countries have asked the government to initiate their trade with the local entrepreneurs. Moreover, not only government is putting efforts in raising the living standard of Balochistan but people who are living abroad also wants to help the people of Balochistan as they are well-wishers of Pakistan. The famous lord of British House Nazir Ahmed has promised that he will support the people of Balochistan. There will be steps taken for improving education and health sectors in Balochistan. He further said that ‘With Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation’s joint cooperation, we will work in Balochistan to empower women, guide youth and resolve various other issues. The foundation will also provide monthly ration to widows, orphans and the needy in the province’. Moreover, Lord Nazeer vowed to visit Balochistan soon.

The impact of this cooperation among institutes and organizations is very vital. It ensures the sense of sustainability and progress against the hawkish agenda of hostile nations against Pakistan. The world is witnessing the change in Balochistan, even an international newspaper has predicted that Gwadar will become the next Dubai. The pace of development is high, every aspect is going in the positive direction. From economic to social development, everything is paving way for development in Balochistan. The more economically efficient and secure Balochistan will be, the more the country will progress.


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