Secretary Health Balochistan Asmatullah Kakar has said that the issues of people linked with the medicine trade would be solved; however, the business of sub-standard and spurious medicine would not be allowed at any cost.

He expressed these views while addressing to the oath taking ceremony of the President of Medicine Trade Association at Quetta Press Club on Tuesday. He said that the lives of 10 million people cannot be put at stake in the interest of a few hundred doctors, adding that those who trade standard medicines legally; their problems would be solved by all means.

Mr. Kakar said that the deserving ones would be given the best treatment and no one would be given extra favour on the basis of liking and disliking. He said that the drug inspectors have been directed not to harass people who are involved in legal trade and added that the trade of spurious medicines would not be allowed at any cost nor the sale of medicines could be allowed at general provision stores.

The Health Secretary said that such shabby activities in the medicine trade would also bring bad name to the Health Department, medicine trade and medical stores. He said that if there is any complaint against the drug inspectors, he should be informed of it directly, adding that picking up of cottons of medicines in the name of sampling would not be tolerated. He did not elaborate his remarks further as with lab test how can drugs are judged that it is substandard or not.

He said that trade medicine association should side with the people linked with the legal trade at all the forums, adding that they should also think of the poor people linked with this trade. On the occasion, President Medicine Trade Association said that the union would not back those involved in the trade of spurious and sub standard medicines, adding that however, confiscating medicines in big quantities in the name of sampling is not right in any way.

Source: Daily Balochistan Express


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