Owing to its strategic location, Pakistan’s frontiers have always presented a unique opportunity for those involved. Inside Pakistan, the province of Balochistan, has tremendous geo-vital noteworthiness in the rising worldwide political and financial map. This resource laden region, has monstrous characteristic assets with customarily pleased and lashing labor. Be that as it may, its kin for the most part stayed denied of fundamental civilities of life. The present emergencies in Balochistan are fixated on two things: first; constant hardship and broad neediness of the Baloch masses, intensified by the absence of financial and social advancement, and second; absence of national solidarity and common agreement, fueled by outside forces through sub-patriot components. On its part, Pak Army has made massive commitments in the advancement of the province, which incorporate improvement in all areas such as; training, health, mining, arrangement of occupations in Army, infrastructural advancement and other financial improvements. In the field of education, more than 17000 Baloch understudies have been chosen for training in different schools and universities, kept running by Pak Army and Frontier Corps. Plus, Pak Army is additionally conferring instruction to more than 6500 Baloch understudies in the schools and universities of Federal Government controlled by Pak Army.

In 2006, Pak Army stepped up with regards to resuscitate Chamalang Coal Mines venture, which was questioned as far back as 1980s. After its determination under Pak Army, 73500 people of Luni and Marri tribes were given openings for work and 2000 people were utilized as watchmen. The procedure was propelled by the removal of more than 2 million tons of coal. Following the agreement of the Chamalang Coal Mines debate under Pak Army, an instruction program to be specific, the Chamalang Beneficiaries Education Program (CBEP) was sorted out by the Southern Command of Pak Army. Under this instructive venture, more than 4000 Balochi understudies are being supported with the expectation of complimentary training. The lodging office through this program has been set up in Quetta Cantonment, has housed more than 100 understudies of Marri and Luni tribes of the Loralai and Kohlu districts. The understudies are furnished with free boarding, hotel and medicinal offices alongside month to month stipends.

Regarding the acceptance in Pak Army, more than 12000 Baloch recruits have been selected and prepared as battle warriors in different branches of Army in last 3-5 years. A sizeable number of taught Baloch youth are being drafted in Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) to end up as officers in Pak Army. In Dera Bugti territory, Pak Army and FC have propelled numerous developmental projects. These incorporate: arrangement of openings for work to more than 1500 people, monetary help to more than 1500 families, redesign and foundation of 31 wellbeing focuses. Furthermore, 458 creature units were given to penniless families and free of cost instruction of more than 150 nearby understudies in Baluchistan Public School Sui (BPSS), built up on the lines of MCJ. The Sui Town has been furnished with free petroleum gas. In the wellbeing sector, free therapeutic camps for 2-3 days are being built up in remote ranges where free restorative examination and meds are circulated on consistent premise. Free medicinal treatment is additionally given to around 500 to 1000 patients of Mekhter and Chamalang every month.

There is a bright future ahead for this glaringly remarkable province, and in its progress the efforts of the Army aside from their armed support will have played a pivotal role. A role that could ignite this unrealized potential.


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