LAHORE: The promotion of inter-provincial harmony among the students of different provincial and ethnic backgrounds by extending gratis educational facilities has been the priority of the Punjab Government.

Provincial Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani expressed these views while addressing 22-member delegation of students belonging to Baluchistan, FATA and Khyber PK in Punjab University on Sunday.

The ceremony was organised by a non-governmental organisation working for the education of needy children. Many male and female Baluchistan-domiciled students enrolled in the Punjab University also attended the ceremony.

The minister said that the students from Balochistan have been extended lifetime opportunity by the Punjab Government to grow up and excel by getting free education in higher education institutions in the province. The government has also extended educational scholarships to the financially challenged youth of the other federating units so that they could continue their higher studies without being burdened.

“We want to educate the youth of all the provinces and see them prosper; and for that purpose, we have provided equitable educational opportunities to them.”

The minister urged students to study foreign languages to gain maximum profit from the economic opportunities in wake of CPEC project and added that the government has started providing scholarships to the students for the study of foreign languages abroad. The CPEC is a mega project which has opened many new economic opportunities for the youth so they should be ready to reap these benefits by empowering themselves with the necessary talents, he added.

He further said the CPEC would be beneficial for Balochistan as different new educational and healthcare projects would be initiated.

The students also spoke on the occasion and thanked the Punjab Government for the support.

Source: Pakistan Today


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