Over half of Balochistan is deprived of basic education and health facilities and people live below poverty-line, in other words, below a respectable standard of living. A large number of people are suffering from numerous diseases. According to a recent report, Samina, a female from Gwadar, died during pregnancy. She was a healthy woman, but at the time she needed operation. Sadly, there wasn’t any doctor in the hospital to carry out the operation. She was the lone supporter of her siblings but unfortunately she will not support them any more.

The Government of Balochistan is spending millions and billion of rupees on building of roads, railway-lines etc but ignoring fundamental facilities like healthcare and education. Apart from this, Gwadar District Hospital is the only working hospital where only a woman doctor is working to treat the pregnant patients. Everyday approximately more than two hundred patients go there, but there aren’t any worthwhile facilitates and some people have to leave for Karachi but some of them die in travel. On other hand, it is so wistful to mention that our government is dreaming to make the Gwadar city a fabulous and marvellous place, but here question arises that, is it fabulous place for the citizens that who are deprived of all fundamental rights? And most of pauperism is living in limb of the devil.


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