They are probably the most fortunate people on the planet. Healthy, Strong, having natural beauty, living in the hub of development and beautiful landscape. They enjoy the weather, places, unique terrain, beautiful mountains that most can only dream of. For ease of reference, we commonly refer to them as the Baloch People. Balochistan is one of the most famous, old and beautiful province of Pakistan fabricated with different ethnicities, languages and cultures.

There are so many entities to be discussed regarding Balochistan. The most ancient one is the Karez system for irrigation in Balochistan. This Karez system is itself a unique development in Pakistan. Balochistan is full of mountains with intervening valleys, moreover, Balochistan receives a lot of rain every year. Balochistan is heavily dependent on the river network of Balochistan and the Karez system. The ancient Karez system consists of a series of wells, linking underground canals that use gravity to bring ground water to the surface, usually far from the source. This system is very prudent and frugal in agriculture context. People of Balochistan used this Karez system for the irrigation of the farms. Moreover, the whole system depends on gravitational pull and is comprised of simply a water source, underground tunnels, and vertical shafts that feed the water scarce areas.

Due to the climate change, the glaciers are melting now which results in the diminishing of the streams, causing in less water flowing downwards. In this context, people of Balochistan are cobbling up with big canals. Recently the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated the Kachhi Canal project in Dera Bugti. This mega project will provide sustainable irrigation water supply to 72,000 acres of agricultural land. The mega project of Kacchi Canal started in 2002 and was supposed to get functional in 2008. Due to lack of resources, the progress on this project was halted. With the passage of time and endless efforts of federal and the provincial government this mega project has been completed in 2017 and it is now functioning.

It is envisaged that Kachhi Canal project would change the destiny of the people of Balochistan. Apart from that Pakistan owes to the people of Balochistan, particularly Sui as the entire country is banking on their natural gas. The area which would be 72,000 acres which itself is a huge area and the agriculture growth would be very radiant.

Interestingly the Kacchi Canal project is not only merely a project but a sign of harmony between Punjab and Balochistan. The 300 Kilometer canal takes-off from Punjab and lands in Balochistan. Discussing the route of Kacchi Canal, it starts from Taunsa Barrage on the Indus River and passes through districts Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur in Punjab and then meanders through the districts of Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Bolan and Jhal Magsi in Balochistan.

Such projection is the requirement of the time.  In order to generate the genuine narrative of Pakistan it should be projected that the major entities Punjab, Baloch, Sindh and KPK are not separate entities, they are one nation, one land known as Pakistan.


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