More than ever, with a strict timeline to follow, the current provisional government is working day and night to achieve its targets. While a lot of large scale projects are being worked on, the common people are also being focused on side by side. Various steps have been taken to improve the life of the majority of the population. The article aims to explain some such actions and initiatives taken to restore peace, introduce health reforms, solve on going legal issues at local level.

The Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo has said that all available resources will be utilized to remove backwardness and poverty from the province. He said it was a top priority of the provincial government to provide basic facilities including standard education, health and maintaining peace.

Moreover, Chief Minister said that incumbent government was making all-out efforts to eradicate the menace of polio from the province and for this purpose government is cooperating with all departments including international organizations. Law and order situation has improved in comparison to the past. He further said that he himself visited different areas of the city without protocol for proving that peace has been restored in respective areas through positive steps. He also urged people to cooperate with polio workers to administer anti-polio drops in order to save their children from polio disease. He appreciated the role of polio teams and their determination for eradicating the population of the necessary actions that must be taken in order to save our generations. UNICEF Region Director of South Asia Miss Jean Gough appreciated the government’s role to eradicate the menace of polio from the province.

Furthermore, the problems of the common man are being resolved through the holding of open courts. Prime Minister directed Deputy Commissioners to establish the open court. Balochistan welfare department arranges the marriage of the poor as well. A collective wedding ceremony for deserving and poor people of the province has also been organised on February 24. The step has been taken to help the poor people to marry their children. The welfare department has properly arranged dowries for them as well. A great way of building instituitions of the society.

It is hopeful to note that of the 2,500 workers employed by the Gwadar Port Authority in CPEC. This is a positive sign that will help build local stakes and ensure security and inclusion. China recently signed a $4 million agreement of assistance with UNDP Pakistan to work in Fata and Balochistan. It reportedly plans to give a grant of $1 billion for the next 12 years to Pakistan’s social sector. This is such a large amount given the levels of underdevelopment in Balochistan. Many years ago the US provided assistance to meet the water, sanitation and health needs in Jacobabad. It spent over $40 million and established a world-class diagnostic centre at a large hospital in collaboration with the Sindh government.  Where people of Balochistan can be accommodated as it shares the border along.

In holistic view, the picture is not that much worst but progressive. The social economic indicators are turning into right directions.


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