Balochistan health department suspended 22 absentees doctors in Killa Siafullah and Zhob districts on Saturday following a surprise visit to the district headquarters hospitals in the two districts by the provincial health secretary.

The 22 doctors were found absent from their duties and their services have been placed under suspicion, health secretary Asmatullah Kakar informed.

He said that the salaries of the suspended doctors would also be stopped, adding that “scores of patients were waiting for the doctors, but no doctor turned up to treat the patients.”

Dr. Naeemullah, the Medical Superintendent of Killa Saifullah hospital was also among the suspended doctors.

Amidst government-run hospitals grappling with daunting issues like the lack of basic facilities and absentee doctors, the Balochistan government has launched an action against doctors across the province to ensure the provision of basic health facilities.

It has also increased the allocation of health sector to 7.4 per cent of the provincial budget of 2017-18 to ensure basic health facilities to the masses.

Source: Dawn


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