Balochistan often called the forgotten province of Pakistan because of the underdevelopment in the area. People of Balochistan are very humble and rustic. Demographically it is the smallest province of Pakistan which is 7% of the whole population but area wise it is the largest province which is the 44% of the whole country. Mainly races living in the province are Baluchi, Pashtoons and Barohis. Baluchistan consists of 26 districts and Quetta is the capital city of the Balochistan.
The province is bordered by Afghanistan to the north and north-west, Iran to the south-west, Punjab and Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to the north-east. To the south lies the Arabian Sea. Baluchistan is located in the south-eastern part of the Iranian plateau. It borders the geopolitical regions of the Greater Middle East and Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South-central Asia. Balochistan lies at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz and provides the only route from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean.
Balochistan is highly blessed with the wealth of natural resources, the vast rangeland, the coastal belt with 1100 km of coastline, and rich mineral and hydrocarbon deposits. Balochistan is a land of diversity, mountains rich in minerals, coastal land, uplands, plains and deserts, having a diverse flora and fauna and land of great difference and contrast. Balochistan is the second major supplier of natural gas in Pakistan.
Balochistan has very extreme climate conditions. It’s upper highlands experience very cold weather conditions in winters and very hot in summers. The summers are hot and dry in Balochistan the temperature of plain areas raises as high as 50 degrees centigrade. Strong windstorms are common in deserts that make them unsuitable for habitats. Balochistan climate conditions are one of the reasons behind its less population density.
The economy of Balochistan lies in the production of natural gas, coal and minerals. The natural resources of Balochistan help Pakistan meet its energy needs. Recent development in the province increased its economy and an economic paradigm has been experienced in the province. The Government of Balochistan is providing basic infrastructure of roads and development of human resources to create a more conducive environment for the investors. It provides an open policy of investment offering all incentives, concessions and facilities without any discrimination. Balochistan now offers unique features that give other complimentary conditions for investment in Balochistan. Agriculture and livestock dominate the Baluchistan economy. Horticultural development is a fairly recent phenomenon with a great potential. Other economic sectors where investment rate is high include fisheries, mining, manufacturing industries, trade and other services being rendered by public and private sector organizations in the province.
Balochistan provides highly developed industrial estate facilities in the province. These estates cater to all types of industry needs and are well supplied with a wide range of infrastructure and related services which include Quetta Industrial & Trading Estate, Hub Industrial & Trading Estate (HITE), Uthal Industrial Estate, Marble City etc. The major sectors for investment in Balochistan are Minerals, Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Livestock, Tourism and Oil & Gas etc. Analyzing the whole ingredients from which Balochistan is blessed one can analyze that why it was being kept underdeveloped and under the rogue elements. But now the statecrafters of Pakistan properly engaged all dimensions and throw out the inappropriate elements from the states. Bad sardars are no more in Balochistan, and the whole province is getting day by day better. The whole credit goes to previous and current provincial government of Balochistan. Now people from all over the world are coming to visit the province and Balochistan is welcoming the entrepreneurs from every corner. Balochistan is the golden gate and will be owned as the golden jewel for Pakistan in coming years.


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