“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.” Agatha Christie

The Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri said that the dream of a polio-free Balochistan is about to come true, as the provincial government is taking interest in eliminating the epidemic virus. Moreover, he said, we are in a firm commitment to save our children from all epidemic diseases, including the polio virus. He has appreciated the efforts of provincial government and health department in the polio-eradication programs.

In Pak-Afghan border city of Gulistan 16-month-old child was diagnosed with the virus. A total of three polio cases have been reported in Balochistan during 2017. He further said that we need to pay attention in Quetta, predominantly to the Pak-Afghan border areas because the children in Afghan refugee camps should be administered with the anti-polio drops during all campaigns. The provincial government is providing all the facilities in the health department and international organizations in the war against polio.

The Balochistan Government allocated Rs 15.482 billion for health, initiated Rs 2.4 billion for Health Insurance Program, and Rs 1.214 for providing free medicines to patients in government hospitals. Moreover, major causes of water-related diseases in Balochistan include lack of water supply and sanitation facilities, the absence of proper sewerage disposal, waste mismanagement and contaminated water. These diseases can be prevented by facilitating the population with proper sewerage and sanitation disposal systems. In rural areas, the condition of health status is relatively poor i.e. Lack of female health staff including female doctors. According to an estimate, there is only one doctor available for 7,300 persons on average

At the end of 2015, the Prime Minister’s National Health Insurance Program (PMNHIP) was introduced. The program is helping families, which earns less than Rs 200 per day. Moreover, these families are now entitled to health insurance facility, which allows them the access to free treatment for secondary and priority diseases. PMNHIP is the country’s largest public health initiative, with an allocation of Rs 9.1 billion. In the first step of this program, more than 3 million families will get health insurance in 23 districts; with the ultimate aim to cover 22 million households across the country.

In this anti-polio campaign, Vitamin-A vaccines will be given to children who’re under the age of five. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) chairperson on polio, for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Dr. Jean Marc Olive mentioned that the virus is expected to be eradicated from Balochistan by May 2017. Moreover, he said we are close to intruding the virus transmission in Balochistan. The province has shown significant progress which is commendable.. Dr. Jean appreciated the enrollment of permanent local community health workers in the high-risk areas under community protected vaccination program. There are more than 2500 permanent teams working in the highest risk areas.

So overall these polio campaigns are the last dint in the coffin as it will vanish this disease from Balochistan.. The nonproliferation of these diseases will ensure the greater stability in the province.


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