This fiscal year for Balochistan is one of the blessed years. Major developments took place, many people left their agendas and joined the mainstream of Balochistan. The rigorous part was containment of terrorism and winning the hearts and minds of people (WHAM). All these things were achieved as the development pitched in the province. The fundamental threat of insurgency has been eliminated as the people themselves see the development from grass-route level. Even the nationalists are giving up their agendas. The prime example of this act is Gazain Marri, who ended his 18 years self-exile and came back to Pakistan.

People like Mehran Marri and Bramdagh Buggti must follow Gazain Marri’s footsteps. The world is witnessing their actions which are not justified. Recently Mehran Marri was banned to enter Switzerland as his agenda is anti-state and the international community is very well aware of that. Even the Government of Balochistan is ready to entertain the demands of nationalists under the constitutional state apparatus and designed framework of Pakistan. This isn’t the mere rhetoric, but this offer is on record that provisional government is ready to deal with ‘some exiled Baloch’ under the constitutional framework and sustain the writ of Pakistan. Even Balochistan’s former Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik MPA has said that the Baloch nationalists will get their rights within the framework of Pakistan.

Moreover, in a conference which was held in London last week, Speaker Balochistan Assembly Miss Rahila Hameed Khan Durrani advised the Baloch Nationalists that time has changed, ground facts are totally different. She said that ‘Mehran Marri needs to know that his own eldest brother Changez Marri is a Minister in the Balochistan Government; his brother Gazain Marri ended exile after almost 18 years and returned to Pakistan to appear before the Pakistani courts. I salute Gazain Marri for the right approach he has taken. I appeal to Mehran Marri to adopt a rational approach and follow the example of his two brothers’.

It was noticed last month that a campaign was launched in London which was based on fake pictures. The sole purpose of the campaign was to engage the intentions of the international community. In order to avert the effects of this malicious campaign, the Pakistan High Commissioner London offered a dinner after the conference which was joined by the Speaker of Balochistan Assembly, Ex-Chief Minister and an opposition leader with many parliamentary companions.

It was very loudly and clearly said that anti-Pakistan and anti-Balochistan entities are backing these exiled Baloch which are doing these outrageous things. Exiled Baloch leaders are just pawns and puppets in hands of external forces. The visit itself was of high weight as the national narrative was portrayed on the international level.

Moreover, the combined invitation was from the UK. The visit provided Balochistan parliamentarians with a good opportunity to observe British Parliamentary practices which would definitely be beneficial. While addressing to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) the Speaker of Balochistan assembly said that the democracy is getting strong day by day in Pakistan and Balochistan. This thing is bringing development, peace and prosperity to Balochistan. The smooth and amicable transition of one government to other government is the manifestation of democracy. Moreover, the social sector is also getting hampered with the development. Women are getting empowered and they will play a greater role in the sustainable development of Balochistan. Infrastructure is getting strong with the passage of time. She said that Balochistan is on the path of development especially after the initiation of the CPEC projects in the province. She was supported by the Maulana Abdul Wasay, Opposition Leader, who said that there is no issue of sectarianism in Balochistan. ‘People of Balochistan live peacefully. Some elements working with foreign forces are trying to create rights in the province for their politics and spreading the negative news’.



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