Cultural affinity is a phenomenon which can be used when trying to convey a message to a target audience. Cultural affinity can loosely be defined as having a sense of attraction or a feeling of connectedness towards a certain culture. This can relate to cultural identity, when specific groups share an identity they transform into cultural identity and cultural affinity. This whole nexus between cultural identity and affinity can be used in public relations to generate a sense of harmonization within people of different areas under one umbrella.

‘Taste-based’ and ‘common-bond’ cultural theories explain how members of the same group are likely to side with people of the same cultural background than those who are not. Now, categorically discussing Balochistan in this pretext, the most voracious and concern was of an identity crisis. There are two major ethnicities living in Balochistan, one is Baloch and other is Pathan. There is often a rift regarding who really belongs to this land and who should be the true representative of the area.

In a broader view, there are two different ways of discussing cultural identity. The first position defines ‘cultural identity’ in terms of one shared culture, a collective ‘one true self’, which people with a shared history and ancestry hold in common. The provincial government have achieved a massive milestone by organizing the cultural day at the start of March 2018. A celebration programme was also organized to mark the day in Balochistan University by students.

In Khuzdar, Frontier Corps organized a ceremony at Mir Khous Bakhsh Bizenjo Stadium to mark the Baloch Culture Day. The chief guest of the event was 33 Division Commander Major General Nadeem Zaki. The whole country witnessed the celebrations with a positive attitude, by dressing up in the traditional Baloch dress, reuniting dancing the Baloch Chaap.

The cultural day has been celebrated through out the province in almost all districts. The celebrations have been of a national level where famous personalities were invited to entertain the people of the province. These efforts of the establishment have resulted in a feeling of unity. The integration of the society is very important and cannot be disregarded particularly in areas that have been conflict zones.






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