Islamabad—Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, MD PTDC visited the under construction project of PTDC Motel at Hawksby, Karachi while talking to the media personals, he said that PTDC Motel Project at Hawksby will be completed soon, which have 14 rooms, restaurant and other allied facilities for visiting local and foreign tourist. Ch. Ghafoor said that Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan and with the largest population in the country this city truly has the potential of being a city of the world.
Karachi being the custodian of ancient and modern Architecture, fine beaches, and diverse culture is the true face of Pakistan. Now with the stable political secure environment, the lights and sounds of the city are being restored.
He directed the officers and staff of PTDC South to ensure provision of all facilities to the tourists planning their holidays. He also visited the under construction tourist facilitation center at Clifton Karachi where he inspected the overall development and progress made so far.
During his visit to Gaddani Beach Managing Director said that we are approaching the local as well as provincial Governments for removal of encroachment on same parts of PTDC’s 172 acre of land, which has been occupied by locals and some private finishing companies. PTDC through public private partnership will develop a beach resort and allied facilities in Gaddani, so that private sector will be encouraged to invest in that area which will help in development of tourism in the Baluchistan as well as the country.
He said Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s (PTDC) Eight major development projects across the country are nearing to completion,the under construction projects located in Gwadar, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan would help revive tourism sector in the country.
The Azad Jammu and Kashmir projects would be completed at a cost of around Rs25 million, while Tourist Facilitation Centre in Gilgit-Baltistan would cost around Rs20 million.


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