On Monday, a 108-member delegation from the Indian Defense Ministry and the Indian intelligence agency “RAW” arrived in Kabul after the joint forces attack. This is the second delegation of Indian forces that has come to take the Afghan forces out of the whirlpool.

According to the ‘Jang’ newspaper, the members of the Indian Defense Ministry are residing in Afghanistan’s military mess, while the officials of RAW agency are residing in their safe house in Kabul. The paper also stated that the visiting Indian officials will be staying for a week. The Indian High Commission in Kabul is monitoring the incident that took place at Chaman. The Indian Intelligence is trying that the closed borders between both the countries are opened as soon as possible so that their ambitions are fulfilled.

The newspaper states that the Indian Defense Ministry, NATO-based Afghan forces and U.S. authorities are reviewing the circumstances regarding the Chaman incident. US authorities have also expressed a willingness to expand relations with several jihadist groups including the Taliban. Both, India and the U.S., have made Afghanistan’s Kabul administration a hostage to their own interests. The Afghan government does not appear independent in its decision-making as time and again, the Indian officials come to Kabul and give new advices to the Afghan president. With regards to  Chaman, the Indian efforts to derail the peace negotiations is in full zeal and  US authorities are also silent on the attack here in Chaman, Pakistan.


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