Undoubtedly, Pakistan is facing outrageous repercussions after aligning with the United States’ War on Terror. Pakistan lost thousands of lives, the economy has suffered, and the biggest loss is the derailed youth having resentments. Ironically, what it meant to eliminate was what it ended up retaining, on a level much greater than before. Pakistan is facing hostility from western borders and eastern borders but internal insurgency and terrorism have given more loss than enemies outside the territory. In order to fight against terrorism a few years back, Pakistan launched a strategy named as National Action Plan (NAP). NAP, too, was not much of a detailed and proper counter-terror strategy document. But, what made it unique from previous efforts was that it has its foundation on political consensus. Parties across the board, with the exception of some Islamists, supported the document. One of the points NAP calls for was raising specialized counter-terrorism (CT) force, a befitting response to fill the need of desperate times. There were few departments made for special purposes and the forces were being trained by Turkey and United States of America.

Particularly, Balochistan has been safeguarded by the Levis, FC and Pakistan Army. Logically it is not the prime duty of the army to infiltrate in local militancy. But in order to fill the vacuum, Pakistan Army jumped in and cleared the outliers from Balochistan. A province where National Anthem was banned, writ of the state was being challenged, people were being manipulated are now on the right path by the striking efforts of the Pakistan Army. The question arises in the rational mind that, till what time Pakistan Army has to take care of the situation. It is the blessing for the people of Balochistan that the current government is not thinking like previous governments but they are focused to bring prosperity to the people of Balochistan.

On Tuesday Chief Minister Sana Ullah Zehri, announced that an elite force should be raised for the outliers, local militancy and crimes. This act was announced in a cabinet meeting being chaired by the Chief Minister. Addition to it, this force will increase the efficacy of the local police in curbing the terrorism and heinous crimes.

In response to this initiative, the Inspector General of Balochistan Police Moazzam Jah Ansari further briefs the cabinet that it is a need of time. The enemy is on the run to maintain peace and stability, there must be a force which should be vocal and active in all parts of Balochistan. He said that the government had already started training the police force for improving their skills, adding that the force would be provided with modern weapons, better equipment and vehicles.

It is pertinent to mention that this project, would cost around Rs.478 million. The fact of the matter is that this minute budget is not the issue but the efficiency and maintenance of peace and stability is the prime concern. The force personals will be around 1000 in the start which will later be expanded with the passage of time. There will be assessment and examination commission in the hiring process.

This is not the kind of force being maintained only in Balochistan. The experiment was started in Punjab by Dolphin force which acts as special commandos. Furthermore, Balochistan at the moment required an efficient team to handle the post-conflict era.

Analyzing the situation, the provisional government and law enforcement agencies are on the same page. This is the nexus being required since independence and eventually, Balochistan got this. On one hand, there is CPEC and on another hand, it is the administration of the province which is getting better day by day. The enemies who are being settled in the west have failed in their desired agendas and Balochistan is at the pinnacle of development and prosperity.


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