Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan is of immense geostrategic importance to the country, with abundant natural resources. The insurgency in the province is one of the most pertinent issues. The government of Pakistan is proactively engaged in the guerrilla warfare waged by the separatist groups and has been able to debar them to a major extent.

Recently, the Federal Government of Pakistan approached France based Interpol for the apprehension of the Baloch separatist leaders. These separatist and anti-state leaders meticulously run the terrorist organizations in order to obliterate peace from Balochistan. The course of action came in when one of the Baloch militant organizations, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) ran a campaign synchronized with blatant lies in Geneva against the Government of Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention that they published and displayed the secessionist posters right before the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, in order to prove that Pakistan is violating human rights in Balochistan, a sheer propaganda.

Furthermore, the Government of Pakistan reiterated that involvement of Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) with the nexus of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in Balochistan has done enormous damage to Balochistan. This nexus vigorously and strenuously pursued all operations from the planning to the extraction, including arming the Baloch separatist, funding them and providing them intel. According to reliable sources, the leaders of these separatist movements such as Hyrbyair Marri currently living in exile, and Brahumdagh Bugti will be apprehended with the assistance of Interpol.

The spokesperson of Balochistan Government Mr. Anwaar-ul Haq Kakar said it was the Federal Government’s prerogative to seek help from Interpol for the arrest of irreconcilable Baloch leaders.

On the contrary, the reconciliation programme for Baloch separatist is quite radiant. As a matter of fact, the reconciliation program for Ferraris and the Baloch separatist is the linchpin of peace and stability in the region.

A recent development in this program is the return of Ghazain Marri, brother of Hyrbyair Marri to Pakistan. He came back after spending 18 years of self-exile cycle. This move will help to negotiate and reach out the outliers, who are living in exile and controlling the insurgency remotely. The reconciliation process can only be completed when they agree to respect the writ of the state.

However, Mr. Anwaar ul Haq Kakar credited the Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri and different agencies who are working on this peace and reconciliation project. He further added that ‘those who turn themselves in and give up violence are being dealt with in accordance with the law’.


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