Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has said big powers were involved in the Balochistan conflict and they were responsible for the disturbances and lawlessness.

In an interview with a private TV channel, the Chief Minister said that his Government would deal with law breakers and subversive elements with an iron hand and they would be crushed with full force.

He praised the security forces for frustrating the evil designs of the enemies of Pakistan and by offering supreme sacrifices they had preserved national unity and integrity.

Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said that Balochistan is totally different from the past difficult days and the broad masses are witnessing this improvement in law and order and economic and business activities.

He said that there was a marked improvement in education, health, drinking water supply, job opportunities to the people in recent years. Government had made significant investment on those important sectors and registered a significant improvement in those services to the people. He said that the terrorists were calling the shots in the past and now the Government and the security forces had overpowered them and brought the situation under complete control.

The Chief Minister said his Government is fully committed to retain peace and tranquility at all cost without giving any leverage to negative forces or appeasing their opinion on the law and order. There is a significant difference between the condition of 2013 and now and people witnessed the marked improvement with their naked eyes, he added. There is a round-the-clock traffic all over Balochistan with peace and tranquility.

He said that “we should not pass on the blame of backwardness of Balochistan and poverty of its people to others as we are responsible for it as most of the Chief Ministers and Chief Executives of Balochistan were Balochs and not aliens. We are all responsible for it,” Nawab Zehri told his interviewer.

Referring to democratic system in Pakistan, he said that only those political forces rule the country having popular mandate of the people of Pakistan. If the people sitting outside returns to Pakistan joining political democratic process and win a mandate, he and his colleagues would respect such a mandate, he added. “But they will have to operate within the framework of one Pakistan,” the Balochistan Chief Minister declared in clear terms.

Nawab Zehri said that he is not in contact with those sitting abroad and disturbing the situation in Balochistan. Rather he said “he was in contact with those followers who are being used as fodder in the Balochistan Conflict. More than 450 of them laid down their weapons and surrendered to the Government,” he said. He hoped that more people will surrender to the concerned authorities.

He pledged to help rehabilitate all former militants providing them security, jobs, health and education facilities honourable living making them useful citizens of this country.

Source: Daily Balochistan Express


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