A land, rich in natural resources, with great potential has been the victim of the enemies of the state, domestic and foreign. Who have placed their eggs in the sensitive province of Balochistan. Balochistan has had a history of conflicts, be it nationally or internationally influenced.

With recent killing of a senior police officer, SP Muhammad Ilyas, the number of targeted Balochistan Police in Quetta in 2017 has crossed 20. The target killing of police officials in the conflict-ridden province is a question on the performance of Law Enforcement Agencies. The worsening situation in the area also brings down the claims of improved law and order made by the Chief Minister and the Interior Minister of the province. However, there is no doubt that the Government has been taking special measures to counter such attacks.

One wonders if the violence will ever end when a police officer is killed at a time when the Prime Minister was chairing a meeting to evaluate the law and order situation of Balochistan. The deteriorating security situation of the province needs a comprehensive plan. To eliminate the menace of terrorism in the province, all the stakeholders need to sit together to find a durable solution to improve again the law and order in Balochistan.

Violent attacks against all people irrespective of their caste, color and profession show poor state of affairs. The situation of the province is far from normal. It is time to take extraordinary measures against terrorism. A multi-pronged policy is the only solution to counter the insurgency which is going on since the last 12 years. However, first things first. The state must prioritize to get rid of these anti-state elements from the society.

Seventy incidents of terrorism took place in provincial capital in 2017 alone. While the law and order situation is more under control than ever before, we cannot undermine the increased sophistication of terror outfits. It is time for the political leadership to engage those angry people in dialogue who are challenging the writ of the state. Military is not an option for the desired and durable peace in the province. Media should also be allowed to gauge the political and socioeconomic conditions of the province.


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