Indian concerns in Balochistan is not something new. Since the formation of Modi Government, Delhi is trying to divert the attention of the international community from the real issue of Kashmir to the falsely portrayed issue of Balochistan. They are continuously trying to confuse the potential investors of CPEC with different methods. Signing of the CPEC related MoUs in April 2015 and Chinese pledge to put $46 billion in the project in next 15 years hurt India to a great extent. This was the greatest achievement in history of Pakistan which is considered to be a fate changer project for the country.

From the very beginning, India maintained an anti-CPEC approach and is struggling to undermine the project at any cost. For this purpose, they have established a special cell with $300 million under NSA Ajit Doval to sabotage the multi-billion project. Domestically, the ethno-nationalists in Khyber Pakhtunkhua and Balochistan were exploited to disturb the project by making the issues out of non-issues as was done in case of Kalabagh Dam. In addition, the hostile elements in Afghanistan, under Karzai, were also given grants and instructions to keep the border region destabilized. Ashraf Ghani, on the other hand, tried to establish friendly relations with Pakistan at the beginning of his tenure. But his strings are also controlled by India now.

Similarly, India also tried to convince China to invest in Chabahar through Afghanistan instead of Gwadar. To lesser the importance of Gwadar port, India had established Zaranj-Dilaram highway to connect the ring road in Afghanistan to Iran in 2009, and signed a trilateral agreement in 2015 with Afghanistan and Iran to develop the Chabahar Port. Agreements worth billions of dollars were also signed with UAE and Saudi Arabia to make Pakistan irrelevant. Failed attempts were made during BRICS Summit to isolate Pakistan by asking the members to declare Pakistan a terrorism-sponsoring-nation and unsuccessful efforts were also made in the same Summit to convince Russia for the cancelation of Pak-Russia joint military exercises in Pakistan.

A new proxy war in South Asia has been initiated by the Modi Government in an attempt to stop CPEC from success at any cost. They are trying to keep Balochistan destabilized with the help of non-state actors and to keep Pakistani forces engaged on its western front with Afghanistan.


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