In the 21st century, the traditions and paradigm of warfare have changed. States now prefer asymmetric and non-traditional ways to achieve desired targets. One of these approaches is bullying other states in couth behavior with the help of international lobbying. Moreover, such states achieve their desired ends by portraying other states as oppressors. Unfortunately, in the context of Pakistan, India has remained high-handed by carrying out nefarious acts. Whether it is the United Nations sessions or any world forum, New Delhi always comes up with a rhetoric based on sheer lies and propaganda.  While in actual fact India is responsible for up surging of insurgents in Balochistan. Thus, New Delhi has adopted a two-pronged strategy; hitting with the help of insurgents and portraying Pakistan as an evil state who suppresses people of Balochistan.

Previously, Kulbhushan Yadav was identified as India’s pawn whose case is pending in the International Court of Justice(ICJ). Recently, another case came in limelight when a renowned Baloch Activist Ahmar Mustikhan proclaimed that he heckled the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, back in 2015 when he was on a visit to the United States of America. Though he was led out by the security guards immediately, Mustikhan confessed he did so as he had been fed by none other than the Indian Intelligence Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), involving greater goals of India against Pakistan. Exposing plans of India against the people of Balochistan, he mentioned that India is supporting terrorism in Pakistan since the Kargil War. RAW has provided more than 15 million US dollars to 3 militant groups for stocking terrorism in the whole province, he said. He quoted, “Since 2001 India has spent 800 Billion US dollars in Balochistan for carrying out terrorism and vandalism”.

He further said that China wants to build Pakistan whereas Indian motives are to bomb Pakistan pointing out RAW’s involvement in sabotaging China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). India is also spending a hefty amount in the north block of her own country where there are think tanks, institutions, and policy formulation institutes whose motives are to break Balochistan from Pakistan. He expressed that he had been mentally tortured at the hands of RAW over various issues. It is pertinent to mention over here that the Baloch Activist Ahmar Mustikhan is the founder of American Friends of Balochistan (AFB). He has always pledged for the rights of Balochistan while supporting Indian claims over it. Being an American citizen, he sought legal permission from the Maryland court before issuing this as a public statement.

Analyzing the whole debacle, Pakistan needs an effective Baloch representation in the international arena which can defend the true rights of Baloch people and portray a positive and real image of Pakistan.


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