Gwadar is at the moment a very significant city for Pakistan and China. Gwadar port is one of the finest jewels in the crown of Pakistan. Both federal and provintial governments are putting their desired efforts in managing every aspect of this city. Balochistan’s development is revolving around Gwadar hence it needs some extra efforts. In this regard, recently Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Abdu Qudus Bizzenjo announced the approval of Rs1 billion for developmental projects in Gwadar. Moreover, last month’s expo eventually generated the way forward for all entrepreneurs to initiate their business tasks towards Gwadar.

Discussing the geopolitical location of Gwadar it is kind of distinct and exceptional as not every city shares such contours. The seaport of Gwadar will build an alliance between Pakistan and China that could alter the entire balance of power in the Indian Ocean. The report came after the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan which repeated that the bilateral infrastructure and planning contract will prove beneficial to the neighboring countries. Pakistan faced an imminent blackout which could effectively be solved with a genuine plan to fix the discrepancies in delivery and communication of the difference in the need and provision of electricity resources. The demand and supply gap was widening by the day and there was not a single power station under construction. The newspaper envisioned that the Gwadar East-Bay Expressway will do good as the economic corridor backs Pakistan in its lack of $30 to 35 billion to proceed such working.

Moreover, the article speaks about the China-Pakistan handshake over the entire national economy. China has committed $62 billion to the initiative in ploughing a fine infrastructure plan for the seaport to turn it into a mega transporter to the European countries. The Telegraph has hinted at the possibility that CPEC will turn out to raise a massive opportunity in changing the balance of power in Asia. They know that China is keen to maintain its position among countries neighboring the Arabian Sea including the setting up of its splinter ports in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to ensure the safety of freight ships.

Pakistan will get massive and much-needed infrastructure investment while China gets access to a warm water port – 350 miles from the Straits of Hormuz. A key part of its “one belt one road” initiative to develop commercial logistics links with Europe. The Governor said that he would not question that they have far more objectives than a win-win for China and Pakistan in economic terms. They want to compete with the United States and they are already taking lead in economic aspects. This gives them the security leverage that they desperately need.

In holistic view, Gwadar is a backbone of CPEC whereas, CPEC is utterly important for every state involved in it. Pakistan has its own, stakes, China is having its own interests both on regional and international level whereas hostile countries have their own reasons and are trying to destabilize the CPEC.


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