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Exploring Arman Loni’s Death



It is important to look at things from multiple perspectives in order to be aware of the complete truth.

Ibrahim Arman Loni was allegedly killed by law enforcement officers during a Pastun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) protest in Loralai, Balochistan. Upon further investigation, a doctor at the hospital revealed that Loni had, in fact, suffered from a heart attack and died as a result. However, enemical forces have, in a disgraceful turn of events, tried to spin the death of a man into anti-state propaganda. They are exploiting and exaggerating sentiments of groups like the PTM to further widen the ethnic divide in the region.

In truth, owing to the recent attacks in Loralai, a security emergency had been declared in the area. Locals had been advised not to congregate in large groups anywhere in the city and, to remain vigilant, as is the standard operating procedure in such situations.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, before taking any action in such situations, law enforcement is to give a warning to perpetrators. The PTM protestors had been warned to clear the area. It was when they refused to comply that the Police was obligated to use force. Such actions against citizens are always taken to ensure security, never to harm the sentiments of any group of people.

In conversations about the incident on media and social media, Loni is being projected as a “prominent PTM leader and activist”. However, on further research one would not be able to find any trace of him as an activist or prominent member prior to news reports of the incident. Despite this, the death of anyone in such circumstances is condemnable, but never to be exploited as an excuse to incite violence and hatred.

Another very significant argument is that Arman Loni did not die of natural causes, but instead at the hands of law enforcement officials. However, the results of a post-mortem conducted in the presence of 10 doctors, including those recommended by the family of the deceased, show no sign of torture on Loni’s body. Instead, they found a blood clot in his brain that is likely to have caused his death; validating the claim that Prof. Loni died of natural causes.

On another hand, members of the opposition of the Federal government have also attempted to use this upsetting turn of events as an instrument to further their political agendas by “condemning the killing of Arman Loni”. One would expect those at the helm of policy-making in the country to be a lot more vigilant with their words. It is necessary to be aware of the complete truth before making statements that could potentially influence a large audience.

Terrorism is not only an ethnicity problem. It is based on an intersection of themes and sentiments based on the history and culture of a region. In Balochistan, it has forcibly and repeatedly been reinforced as an ethnicity issue. At the very heart of the matter, regardless of ethnicity or cast, everyone wants peace and stability in the region.

At this point in time, we need to realize that all of us, including the government, are on the same page. Therefore, instead of instigating a social media trial of the government and security forces, it is high time we cooperate with them and stop playing right into the hands of the enemy.


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