After hectic efforts of the Government of Pakistan, Iran has lifted ban on import of Pakistani kinnows through its Sistan-Balochistan province, official sources

“Iran Trade Promotion Organisation (TPO) has formally announced on Monday that the ban on import of kinnows from Pakistan to Iran through the border markets of Sistan-Balochistan province has been lifted,” said Nazar Muhammad Ranjha, Commercial Counsellor to Iran in an official communication with Ministry of Commerce.

However, the ban would be lifted till April 20, 2017 and it is only for the province of Sistan-Balochistan.

The Commercial Counselor has requested the Commerce Ministry to inform the concerned businessmen and business organisations dealing in kinnow exports of this development.

The Commerce Ministry is jubilant at this much awaited development. However, analysts argue that there is little reason for jubilation on lifting the ban as the kinnow season is about to end.

Recently Indonesia lifted a seasonal ban on import of Pakistani kinnows in January and February which enabled Pakistani kinnow exports to that country.

Previously Indonesia had imposed a ban on Pakistani kinnows for four months ie November, December, January and February.

Pakistan urged Indonesia to allow import of Pakistani kinnows for four and half months ie from December 15 to April 30, each year as people purchase kinnows in large quantity on New Year’s eve.

Indonesian officials have promised that they would come back to Pakistan after discussing the proposal at the highest level. Indonesia’s kinnow market is about $ 25 million.

Source: Aaj News


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