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Hub, the industrial backbone of Balochistan



Hub is the capital city of Hub Tehsil, located in the Lasbela district of Balochistan. It was previously known as Hub Chowki due to presence of a police chowki and customs check-post named Nakahi. Later, development of factories and several of industries got its name changed into Hub. This emerging city is also called the ‘Industrial Centre of Balochistan’ because of its proximity to Karachi, attracting a successful industrial investment. Economically, it is considered as one of the largest industrial cities of the province.

Industrialization started in Balochistan in 1960, when a small industrial zone was set up in Quetta in the form of handicraft and cottage industries. In the year 1979, it swept over 1326 areas of Hub on the land consisting of 700 acres, which has been designed by industrial, commercial and residential centres. It has a total number of 135 industries functioning under (LIEDA) Lasbela Industrial Estate Development Authority established in 1986, including industrial parks developed by Sindh and Balochistan Government for the convenience of industrialist from Karachi.

Hub is materializing as a commercial centre since the markets are full of products from main industries including Byco Petroleum Refineries, HUBCO Power Project, Bosicor Oil Refineries etc. Various companies of textile, human resources (HR), software and telecom also exist in serviceable figure. With the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the economy of the province will be upgraded creating scope for establishment of more industries turning Hub into a state of the art project as the environment of the city complies with all industrial standards.

Consequently, given the present trend of average 5% p.a. volumetric increase in domestic market, DG Khan Cement Company Limited (DGKCC) has also announced its ‘Hub Project’. The project is based on a unique 9,000 tpd single production unit. The limestone excavation site is within the factory and infrastructure in the area is satisfactory to cater the factory needs.

However, increase in commercialization in this area has led to various social and political concerns. Deteriorating state of roads and streets is affecting everyday life of the locals. The roads are too busy as the area serves between Hub and Karachi. The essential reason behind this censorious situation is the dominance of political parties which usually affect law and order situation due to inter-party conflicts that affects the life and commerce in several ways.

Therefore, the Government of Balochistan has to focus on solving matters of Hub, being a part of the industrial zone, as vowed by Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan to turn it into a model city. Member of the National Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhootani, who had won the NA-272 Lesbela-Cum-Gwadar seat, had also promised to work for the development of the city. Ultimately, by fulfilling these statements national as well as foreign investment will also be attracted.


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