QUETTA: Pakistani Ambassador to Iran Mohammad Asif Durani has emphasized Balochistan people belonging to industry and trade sector to play their role of promoting trade ties with Iranian traders through joint venture.

Seeking to facilitate trade related people in the country and province is in the priority of him he added.

Mohammad Asif Durani invited the people of Balochistan related to trade, transport and other sectors to  come to Iran so that to sit with the Iranian investors relating to trade and transport settling the matters.

He expressed these views in a meeting along with the officials of Balochistan Chamber of Commerce in the house of trade and industry Quetta.

Pakistani Ambassador assured to implement on all those suggestions presented to him and added that ending non tariff in the trade is in the top priority of us.

He said the officials of Balochistan Chamber of Commerce should contact with the Pakistani embassy in Iran to sort out their problems.

To solving any issue related to trade, correct identification of the matter is pivotal.

On the occasion President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haji Abdul Hudood Achakzai said government has announced 25 to 30 percent reductions on items imported from Iran to Quetta but have not reduced the tax on items exported to Iran from Quetta. Neither have they received any facilities he elaborated.

He said the goods carriers of Pakistan do not have permission to the other cities of Iran to in load except Zahedan. We have sought permission of in loading of goods carriers in Meerjawa but no implementation has been made.

He further said for the issuance of visas all the documents are asked to be submitted in every time which causes the issuance of visa late.

He demanded to discuss this issue to Iranian officials and requested the Iranian ambassador to end the permit, increasing the verification fees of documents and seeking permission from loading and in loading in Meer jawa.

On the occasion voice president of Chamber of commerce Haji Akhtar Kakar,Founder Member Naiz Lala,Juma Khan Badizai and others presented their suggestions and at the end of the meeting a memorial  shield was presented to the guest.

Source: Balochistan Express



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