One should get out of this paradox myth that Balochistan is least developed and backward area. Some people portray that Balochistan is not even progressing. Now breaking this myth, one should start from the technological side and end on the agriculture side. As both of these things portray the development and raise the Human Development Index.

Discussing the technological side, major improvements have been made in the province in last few years. While briefing the Senate, the Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Anusha Rehman, disclosed that multiple projects of over Rs.20 billion have been approved in last four years for Balochistan. With completion of these projects, the least developed areas like Mastung, Zhob, Sibbi, Kalat, Awaran etc. will be facilitated with broadband and cellular networks in near future. The issue of suspension of PIA services from Quetta-Dubai and Quetta-Turbat-Gwadar has also been discussed in Senate. PIA has suspended these services due to the lack of airplanes and the authorities are directed to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Discussing the dynamics on the agriculture side, The Pakistan Agriculture and Research Council (PARC) has planted 120,000 olive plants on 14,000 acres of land in Balochistan. Half of the planted saplings were produced in local nurseries and the rest were imported from Italy. This project costed Rs.300 million which was financed by the Federal Government. The Federal Government also established a Rs. 2.25 billion plant in Quetta to extract olive oil. Though the project is not large enough in comparison to the billion tree tsunami launched by the KP Government in KP, but it has paved way for further plantation in the barren province and will create opportunities for the farmers in Balochistan.

Similarly, the education and health sectors in the province are also improving. New educational institutions have been built, the syllabus and examinations’ system have improved which will ultimately help in producing quality graduates to compete at national level. Apart from that, Federal government is also providing scholarships to students from Balochistan enrolled in various universities country wide.

Like the previous Provincial Government of Abdul Malik and Sana Ullah Zehri, the current Government under Abdul Quddus Bizenjo is also making all-out efforts for resolution of problems being confronted by masses of the province. The situation is improving steadily with the completion of ongoing projects with passage of time.


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