Till the recorded history of human civilization, the conflict abrupt due to the economic gains. The fact of the matter is that the final war of the world will also be on the world resources. There will be a scarcity of resources and the war will be fought between the haves vs have not. States often go to war because of the economic motives. The economic bandwidth of state defines the defence mechanism and also the domestic dynamics. Discussing the domestic dynamics, one of the important tenants is a Budget allocation of any state. Budget allocation decides the fate of people of that state for next year. It is quite important because the budget of state describes its actions and motives. Hence the budget is as important as the foreign policy of any state.

In case of Balochistan, it is going to have a budget for next fiscal year. On Friday the provisional cabinet of Balochistan has decided the date for presenting the annual budget of Balochistan. The date which has been decided is 9th may 2018 to present the budget for 2018-19. The people sitting in the echelon of Balochistan cabinet decided to halt the release of development funds for this financial year by 27th of April 2018. Therefore the cabinet reiterated that all departments must send proposals and documentation for development projects for next year to the Planning and Development Department before 1 May 2018. Specifically, previous year projection and achieved hallmarks were also discussed in the meeting. Additional Chief Secretary for Planning and Development Nasibullah Bazai and Finance Secretary Qamar Masood also discussed the previous budget and forecasts of next budget. Moreover, this meeting was headed by Balochistan dignities and Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo.

The meeting was not only to decide the date for the budget but the proposals for various vital projects and their inculcation in the budget was also discussed in the meeting. The provisional officials ordered the finance departments to draft the budget in proposed options by the numerous departments of Balochistan. All these proposals were been brainstormed in the meeting and chief justice was briefed by different dimensions of the budget 2018-19. Moreover, Chief Minister instructed to all departments on their proposals that they should keep the people of Balochistan in their mind. Chief Minister reiterated that people of Balochistan should be relieved by maximum extent. He was of the view that budget should be people friendly and development should be impacted by the grass root level. Cabinet also permitted the sale of the wheat stock available with the food department under the open market policy. The decision was aimed at saving the stock from wastage and to ensure the availability of the commodity during Ramazan. Furthermore, Chief Minister said that budget should be composed in a way that special preference should be given to education and health sector.

Analyzing the preparations of the provisional government for the budget of 2018-19, it is clear that this budget will be implemented by next provisional government because up till now all aspects have been covered by the cabinet. If the cabinet meeting proposals shall be adopted in the new budget the Balochistan issues will be mitigated from the province.


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