QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri has said that the law and order situation is better in Balochistan and institutions are performing their duties in a fine way.

He expressed these views talking to Director Media Admiral (r) Zubair Shafiq who met with CM here on Thursday. He said that the writ of the Government and law enforcing personnel are seen everywhere in Balochistan and the development process is also underway.

He was of the view that the abundance of resources of Balochistan brought in use for the development of the people to change their fate. He said that the state is made of territories and not of population and Balochistan has the largest territory but low population which implies that there are more chances of development in Balochistan.

He said that the wrong decisions of the past deteriorated the law and order in Balochistan and the process of development was halted, adding that since the establishment of the province to date the people of Balochistan have themselves ruled over Balochistan and have done nothing for the masses. He said that leader is one who has the power to make decisions and can protect the rights of the nation with valour and bravery. He said that owing to the gap that existed previously gave a chance to the enemies of Balochistan to create a negative impression. He said that nobody has tied our hands to make this province prosperous. He said that he would not make any compromises on the rights of the province, adding that whatever has happened in the past, let it be a matter of past, things would not be same as past now. He said that those challenging the writ of the government would be dealt with iron hands and would not be pardoned again. He said that he wanted to give Balochistan an educated and peaceful future.  He said that the religious extremism and fundamentalism is a big challenge for the government and government is following a policy of countering this challenge. He said that however, each member of society has to play a role for addressing this challenge. He said that law enforcing agencies have also taken to the task to the perpetrators of blast at lawyers and terrorists are chased everywhere in the province. He said that CPEC would be a future development project for Balochistan which usher a new era of development, adding that vocational training centres would be established to equip the youth with modern educational facilities.


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