QUETTA: Political, tribal and security leadership of Balochistan have said that all the tribes and people of Balochistan are on the same page for the development and protection of the country.

Addressing to a Grand Peace Tribal Jirga held at Dasht Tehsil of Mastung here on Sunday, the Chairman of the Grand Peace Tribal Jirga’s Chairman Sardar Kamal Khan Bangulzai, Khan of Kalat’s son Muhammad Ahmadzai, Chief of Berak Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani and others said that the sacrifices rendered for the protection of the country by the security forces and civilians is unprecedented.

They said that those who were sitting abroad and were destabilizing country at the behest of RAW have no more space as their days have come to an end, adding that Brahamdagh, Hyrbiyar, and Zamuran were trading the blood of Baloch people with India for their luxury. They said that such things would not continue anymore as Baloch youth have gained conscience and have developed sense of good and bad.

They said that the fire burning in Balochistan has entered the very homes of the masses and this has to be extinguished with united efforts, adding that the purposeless war of the youth who had taken to mountains has pushed the province 100 years back.

They said that had there not been such purposeless movements, this province would have developed at par other provinces. The tribal leaders said that they ruled over this state from 1291 to 1947 and during the establishment of Pakistan they acceded this state willingly to Pakistan in 1948 willingly by agreement with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

They said that the stories of enforced accession are fabricated and false, adding that Baloch people have rendered great sacrifices for the establishment of the country. They said that Baloch didn’t want anything but respect and honour and added that some elements had lured the youngsters of Balochistan and pushed them into a meaningless war.

They said had they rescued the youth from this meaningless marshland of war, the lives of so many youngsters would not have been lost, adding that this is our own country and we are the protectors of it. They said that the Grand Jirga had two purposes, first to ensure the Army and Security forces that Baloch people are not terrorists and second every child of this land is a soldier of Pakistan. They said that this Jirga is an instance to remove this stain from Baloch that they are not terrorists.

They added that Pakistan would become tiger of Asia in the near future with the will and mercy of Allah the Almighty and this was the very reason that India and other enemies states were hell bent upon destabilizing Pakistan. They said that now it was for every individual to decide if Pakistan was to be made indomitable or otherwise. They said that sailor of two boats often leads to a submerged future, adding that security forces, the masses would play their role jointly to eradicate the menace of lawlessness from the country.

Source: Daily Balochistan Express


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