Every state has an effective control on their people and borders but still, there are some loopholes which can be managed. The fact of the matter is that even if it’s the superpower it is also having fragile places inside their territory. For instance in the United States of America its Mexican borders, in China its Uyghur population and in India its seven sisters. The possible way forward is not to dismantle these states but to organize in a way that these fragile states can increase the efficacy of state apparatus. Same is the case of Balochistan and Pakistan. Though with the passage of time and changing contours things have been in very refined phase. Still, there is a need to improve things in Balochistan and maintain the standard of the state for the prosperous future.

Discussing the Balochistan issue, the flow chart would be charted down into 5 pillars. The first issue is between the ethnic groups living in Balochistan. There are Baloch, Hazaras, Barahvis and Pashtoons whereas there is deep down a tussle between these groups. Mainly in Baloch and Pashtoons as there is the majority of Pashtoons in Balochistan and this thing poke to other Balochs. Missing part is the cohesion between these ethnic groups which can only be done by developing horizontal harmonization in these groups. In horizontal harmonization, there are specific development projects which can be shared by two or more ethnic communities. So in order to have cohesion in all ethnic communities, such projects must be orchestrated by the government of Balochistan.

The second foremost issue is related to security paradigm. Balochistan is sharing a long porous border with Afghanistan named as Durand Line. There is no second-guessing about the international border but Afghan government is not willing to accept that fate. Due to these tensions, tenacious efforts from Afghanistan have been made in Balochistan province. There is a need for proper dialogue with Afghanistan with only this issue so the people of Balochistan can live peacefully.

The third issue is circulating around the domestic sardars. The Sardari system has remained an important institution in the tribal society of Balochistan. Sardar is at the helm of affairs and is equally recognized by his tribe. Now the system has been changed, these sardars have the responsibility to make their tribe people work for the betterment of Balochistan and Pakistan rather than just to obey their sardars. These standards must educate their people and inculcate the pro-Pakistan thinking in them so the forthcoming generation may get educated vibes from previous generations.

The fourth issue is the most important issue and it’s Gwadar port. This port is the backbone of CPEC whereas it lies at the opening of the Strait of Hormuz through. It provides the shortest route to the Central Asian States and China. The importance of Balochistan has increased manifold with the progress of this multibillion project. The development should be reached to the grass route level. The normal Baloch must get the job from this project else people will be burdened under the avalanche of fast propaganda.

Government or Pakistan and the provincial government of Balochistan must work on these five areas predefined above in order to make province stabilize and developed.


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