Since the inception of Pakistan, there is political instability in the country. After 1947, Pakistan took nine years to craft the first constitution of Pakistan which was later abrogated by General Ayub. The core reason was the political rift between the politicians, civil servants and the bureaucratic circle. This instability was a source of disturbance in the political structure for decades. The dire consequences of these exacerbating events turned Balochistan into a falter and fumbling situation.

Balochistan’s fate was turned when political stability played its pivotal role all over the country. Back in 2009, the Government of Pakistan People’s Party announced a massive package for the development of Balochistan. The revival of good days came back to Balochistan and it happened just because of the political stability all over the country. Moreover, after that Government smoothly passed the power to the current Government, it eventually ensured the brighter side of the picture.

Furthermore, the smooth transition of power enhanced the institutional capacity of Balochistan. As the institutions are the main gist of democracy, harmonization in these institutions is more vital than their existence. This hypothesis can be supported by the argument that if these institutions did not work together, they would create hostility among each other which can turn into a more aggravated situation in the country.

Balochistan has seen the worst dark decades in the history where five times the army intervened and controlled the situation. The only reason was the absence of pure political structure. Today, Balochistan has curbed terrorism, the golden gate CPEC is getting strong footholds in Balochistan. No go areas are operational now and the insurgency has nearly dropped to a low level. All these achievements came through the sustainable political structure and smooth transition of power.

On the eve of Tuesday Balochistan power politics sparked altogether when the Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti resigned from his position. He proclaimed the affirmation of his resignation via his tweet and mentioned that media speculation is wrong about him being sacked from the seat. The Home Minister did not highlight the reason for his resignation but only mentioned that he submitted his resignation to the Governor of Balochistan.

Following the footprints, another news came up that, Balochistan Minister of Fisheries Mir Chakar Dhomki resigned and sent his resignation to Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri. The political game of Balochistan is in full swing as provincial lawmakers submitted a No-Confidence Motion against the Chief Minister of the province. All over 14 parliamentarians are involved in this political saga whereas the motion was submitted by Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo and Syed Agha Raza.

The vote of No Confidence against the Chief Minister of Balochistan may shake the echelons of the Provincial Government as the previous Chief Minister also did not get the good fate. Discussing another angle, it is the beauty of democracy but at this junction, Balochistan needs stability and proper framework. If this Chief Minister leaves or the Provincial Assembly makes some significant changes, it will put strain on the politics of Balochistan, but the ray of hope cannot be precluded. Perhaps, the next political government will deliver. The democracy must continue.



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