Nawab Changez Khan Marri, who replaced his father as the chieftain of the Marri Baloch tribe and is the provincial minister for water and irrigation, has strongly condemned allegations directed at him from his detractors that he is not the justified leader of Marri tribe. He has been rightly made the Nawab of the Marri tribe after the Sardars of the sub-tribes, carried out the dastarbandi ceremony with zeal and fervor. Mir Hazar Khan, chief of the Bijarani sub-tribe told DAWN that “Changez Khan was the legal heir to his father and he was unanimously made chief of the Marris.” He has been criticized by his brothers time and again who have left no stone unturned in encouraging him in their bid for a separate homeland, but he has stood steadfast in his belief that Balochistan is and will always be an integral part of Pakistan. He has always opted for democratic channels and has kept himself aloof from all the instigations carried out by anti-state elements. He has candidly stated that he is the only sibling who lives in Pakistan, while all other siblings; Hyrbyair, Meran, Gazain,Hunza and Balaach, all reside abroad. Nawab Changez has made it clear that there is a self-fulfilling mechanism of the tribal hierarchy and anyone who has any kind of discrepancy associated with the fact that he is the new chieftain should come back to Pakistan and solve the issue. He has stated that people, who have dried up in India’s wool, cannot claim to take decisions about my tribe instigating turmoil in my country.


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