Throughout recorded history of Balochistan, there have been scores of iron-fisted Sardar’s that have maintained their continued rule by enforcing a strict social code. However, like all the monarchies or feudal systems, sooner or later owing to the changing international and domestic dynamics this social code has to be liberalized if the monarchies and feudal systems (Sardar System) hope to survive. It is not a unique phenomenon, it took place across Europe and the reason this transpired was to prevent any violent uprisings akin to France or Russia. In case of Balochistan, it has come to the point where it now realizes that its social and economic future depends on mending their ways. It will not be a swift overnight change albeit a smooth one with one step at a time. For a nation like Pakistan, in which Baloch ethnicity is having a major chunk in Balochistan, the path towards modernization has seen its first steps already made.

Apparently, For the purpose of debate, modernization has to be defined. Modernization, as a process, explains social evolution by isolating the social variables involved. These social variables include social and cultural structures, the standard of living, technological development and openness to change. Latest modernization theorists, such as Ronald Inglehart and Christian Weizel argue that a successful modernization project includes technological permeability, democratization and secularization.

Now going through the structure of Balochistan and following the framework being defined by Ronal Inglehart, the first ingredient is technological permeability. Balochistan has adopted the modern technology all over the province where once they relied on cattle-based economy. Hospitals and modern machinery have been equipped in Balochistan whereas the usage of these hospitals was social taboo in the past decades. Furthermore, the true sense of democratization is now prevailing in Balochistan, in yesteryears, the voting was based on the social fabric made by the leaders of the clans.

The last point of modernization is secularization. Balochistan is really moving forward towards secularization and adopting the changing dynamics of the world. The societal taboos of coeducation have been eradicated from Balochistan. Even in the last seminar organized by the Government of Balochistan, the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa proclaimed that there were more religious seminars in Balochistan rather than modern education. Balochistan must focus on modern education in order to pace up the development. As the thesis of Ronal Inglehard perfectly defines modernization of Balochistan, it is the need of the hour for the province.

In a statistical comparison of Balochistan, it is backward than other provinces of Pakistan. Modernization in Balochistan will lead to positive socio-economical aspects and the province will move towards prosperity.

These changings which already have been adopted by Balochistan will raise the potential of the province. Gwadar is just the opening, if the socio-economic fabric will dwell more into modernization the province will be the golden gate for South Asia and rest of the world. Balochistan is already part of the civic civilization of the old silk routes, all it needs is to get more synced with the changing patterns of the world.


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