The grave issue of human trafficking is a matter that concerns the statecrafts of Balochistan. The recruitment, transfer and sale of vulnerable people – women, children and men is a gross violation of human rights. Trapped through various forms of coercion or deception, trafficked persons are kept restrained by their abductors, frequently under appalling conditions. They are incapable to escape. In this ‘trade’, human life is reduced to a commodity. Exact numbers are impossible to estimate as this problem is kept hidden from public outreach. However, reports indicate that this ranks third among organized crimes, after drugs and firearms in Balochistan.

Analyzing the statistics back in 2016, the number of cases was 8512 of human trafficking whereas Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) quoted that 1,598 complaints were registered against traffickers. This shows the seriousness of the issue, that it makes the societies feeble in the province. Despite the fact that Balochistan is sharing a porous border with Afghanistan, in 2017 at least 1,620 persons were arrested in the province while trying to cross the border without legal documents and 829 cases were registered against them.

The indicators are going down as the Law Enforcement Agencies are assisting in finding a means to eradicate this immoral and criminal behaviour. Even human trafficking has been a reason for instability in Balochistan. The money generated from selling these people to the highest bidders is used in illegal operations against the state of Pakistan, targeting Balochistan.

Balochistan’s Home Department revealed that the province suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks in 2017 and at least 260 people lost their lives in them. This factual data has been put up by the Balochistan State Department. Now analyzing the scope of this human trafficking, one must see that illicit money is doing the job very well.

In the last couple of months, there were outrageous activities going around in this background. 20 dead bodies found in which bullets were riddled from the area of Turbat. However, FIA arrested the gang who was involved in human trafficking. FIA also recovered 142 Pakistan passports, latest electronic machines and various other documents from the abducted gang. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claimed to have recovered Rs140 million from notorious human traffickers, their agents and subagents were involved with international gangs as well in this heinous crime.The gang revealed that they smuggled people from Balochistan to Iran and via Iran, to European countries.

The Government of Balochistan is involved in improving the border reforms. The specific mechanism of Border Control Management is under process. Judiciary of Pakistan itself is involved, this security threat is becoming the issue of national security. Balochistan sharing the border with Iran and Afghanistan, was in great turmoil in past decades due to such activities. But as discussed above that Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have dropped down the rate of human trafficking as compared to previous years. It is hopeful that by the continuation of such rapid responses this threat can be eliminated in 2018 as the insurgency and militancy have been curbed with efforts of Provincial Government.


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