Democracy is the standard set by the major powers of the world to have a sustainable growth for states. Pakistan, in the past, has witnessed inconsistency in the governing systems, sometimes military dictators dismissed the elected government, and on another hand, parliamentary system been dissolved by the will of political parties. The fact of the matter is that the greatest threat to parliamentary democracy is unstable governments, and the latter is always coalition governments, based on a parliamentary majority, constituted by a number of parties, the members of which are liable to act capriciously. There is always stable parliamentary government, where it is based on one disciplined party having a homogeneous parliamentary majority. These days Pakistan is having such kind of parliamentary system and democracy as a system which is ruling country. Discussing the politics of the most potentially important province of Pakistan, Balochistan, is also in transitional phase. Concurrently, Balochistan ex-Chief Minister was dismissed on a no-confidence move from the seat whereas new Chief Minister took the seat with new mottos. The whole political fiasco indicates that people of Balochistan are rational to take their own decisions. Another sparking move in the political arena of Balochistan is the formulation of a new political party. Big names like Sarfraz Bugtti, Abdul Qudus Bizenjo and Anwar ul Haq Kakar joined the party to take the province on high standards. This party is getting ready to take part in general elections of 2018.

Whereas Pakistan government and state institutions are also providing soft grounds to political activities in Balochistan. These political adjustments can push Balochistan to the standards been maintained by other provinces. State institutions like Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is also taking an active part in post-election activities. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has designated a commission for Balochistan which eventually succeeded with 1400 display centers all over the province. These display centers by ECP will help the voters to get their names verified in voters list of 2018 general election. Moreover, 590 centers have been established in the capital of the province. Moreover, the procedure for the people of Balochistan has been kept very simple. Every center is full of ECP officials who will guide the people. Furthermore, if the people want some amendments in the list or their names have been missed from the lists they can easily take the forms from the ECP centers and after filling them they can submit it to offices of the deputy commissioner. It is pertinent to mention that this changing will be closed by 24th April and after that electoral lists will be finalized and no changings shall be made.

Nonetheless, approximately 489,397 have been enrolled in the new voters’ lists of Balochistan since December 2017, taking the total number of registered voters to 4.19 million in the province. However, the counting doesn’t stop here. According to reports it is expected that up to 1.5 million new voters will be added by reaching the deadline. This is a true indication of the argument made above that, people of Balochistan are making rational moves and getting involved in state politics for their constitutional rights and growth of the province. A pure election is important for the betterment of the whole province and for achieving the highest standards in the 21st century.


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