Fairytales are an essential part of one’s childhood that inculcates the ability to weave the child’s own fairyland by utilizing one’s power of imagination. As one grows and gets exposed to the cruel realities of life, one realizes that the fairytales are only allegorical fables, which has apparently nothing to do with the reality. But nevertheless, such fairytales lead us to dream of seeing a better and peaceful world – a world of innovation, adventurism, creativity and relativity. Some emerge more daring and courageous who carve out a new world and lead disappointed and destitute from front. They are the people who go against the current and come out with flying colours. Salma’s story of valour is one such example of heroism and courage that is destined to give youth of Balochistan a message of hope and a dawn of new era.
Salma Muhammad Hassni was a tiny girl when she lost her father and brother at the hands of terrorists, which completely devastated her at the first place. But the loss at the same time infused in her a great spirit to resurrect her from the ruins. Looking beyond her loss and pain, she gathered her strengths and decided to stage a comeback. Soon she succeeded in convincing a group of people and making a select team to transform it into a self-help entity “Devote Balochistan” (NGO). With an aim to primarily help the victims of brutal terrorist attacks, she and her team motivated a many hundreds who together with her dared to raise their voice against the menace of terrorism, idea of separatism, acts of brutality and against the attempts of sabotaging peace of the province.
Salma did this all at a time when everyone in Balochistan was not only scared of saying even a word against terrorists, but also had been kept hostage of them. After more than a year of establishment of “Devote Balochistan”, she not only organized a seminar early this year in Quetta at which Army Chief, General Raheel, was chief guest, but also very effectively highlighted Balochistan issue at national and international levels.

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