The general public on the planet embraces a framework and a system to administer itself. Basically, the majority of the frameworks have chronicled end products. In antiquated circumstances, honorability, priest and medieval rulers have assumed an indispensable part in the social, financial and political domains. Regardless of whether these frameworks were favoring or not, there part in the situation cannot be decried like there is no tomorrow. For the vast majority of the cutting edge edified journalists these statuses were intended to bar the social advance.

The instance of Balochistan is verily exceptional. Here Sardars and Nawabs under the support of the state are in charge of the undertakings. The greater part of them are speaking to the general population of Balochistan in the Parliament and working day and night for their own advantages as opposed to administering to the general populace. It is commensurate to state that the state interests are effortlessly being served by these Sardars.

Tribal elites are generally well-off individuals of any general public. They bolster those families who are living underneath the neediness line. The target of this support is to render them subject to elites of the general public. In spite of the fact that evident back rub of this benevolence is to construct an altruistic delicate picture in the general public, it is the presence of mind that all guardians want to give quality instruction to their offspring. Some do it however others do not. The significant block in the direction of training is the absence of backing. Here lies the basic point that is the reason tribal elites do not bolster them monetarily in spite of having the capacity to do as such. A large portion of the general population in tribal social orders are molded to the point that they do not consider the training a vital part of their lives. There are likewise two explanations for the absence of enthusiasm for the training.

They are corrupt and clumsy, and for a common youth they are trouble. But, at the time of Sardar Attaullah Mengal, who was educated and dynamic in standpoint, Balochistan viewed the Sardars very differently A dynamic Sardar like him had done a ton for poor people and the needy of Balochistan. Out of the blue he made a college, medicinal school and parkway for people in general utility.

The argument would stand that he represents an exception rather than the general rule and that his actions are unlikely to be followed by the other Sardars that hold an impenetrable stranglehold over the masses in the region. This system which may have once had its benefits has far outlived its necessity and the progress and prosperity of the region depends on the swift inculcation of democratic process within the population as well as the uprooting of the centuries old system that accomplishes nothing for these masses today.


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