Balochistan a terrorism, militancy and separatism hit province has been a serious concern for Pakistan for a long time. However, the situation and ground realities are changing very fast in Balochistan. Political stability is being carried out and security situation is improved. Similarly, water projects and poverty reduction programs have been launched to bring stability and prosperity in Balochistan. Also, the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced some 3000 jobs for the people of Balochistan to bring them to the mainstream. Inculcation of Baloch people in the mainstream will give the sense of ownership in the country. A flowchart has been carried out about the progress of Balochistan.

There are multiple factors that portray that the future of Balochistan is prosperous and developed. For instance,

  1. Prime Minister’s development projects in Balochistan.

Last month, the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited Balochistan and announced the socio-economic developmental program for the people of Balochistan.

The Prime Minister said that the youth of Balochistan is our asset and if we achieve the goal of giving better and prosperous education and training to them, the pace of development of the province would augment. At this occasion, the PM announced 30000 new vacancies for the residents of Balochistan to bring them to the mainstream.

The PM also announced that soon, electricity, water, health and educational facilities to all union councils of Balochistan will be provided. Of the total cost, the federal government will pay 50%.

The federal government has already announced installations of 11 liquified natural gas plants in different parts of the province that will cost rs 200 million.

  1. Projects under CPEC.

As CPEC has been considered a game changer for Pakistan so 8 industrial zones will be installed in Balochistan worth of 9 billion dollars. These industrial zones will create job opportunities for hundreds of people of the province. Also, owing to Gwadar port, Balochistan will become a hub of trade activities.

  1. Improvement of Balochistan’s water situation.

So far as water situation in Balochistan was concerned, it was very appalling. However, currently, The Asian Development Bank funded a project comprising of six schemes in Balochistan that will not only help in drinking water facility but hundreds of acre of land will also be irrigated. Hence, some sort of green revolution may come in the near future in Balochistan.

  1. Poverty Reduction Programs.

The European Union has currently launched poverty reduction program in Balochistan worth of 52 million $. The fund will be spent via local government department to reach it to the grass root level and help the really needy and hapless. The program will help 1.9 million people in 8 districts in the uplift of the downtrodden communities.

  1. Improving security situation.

Balochistan has been faced with multiple problems so far as security of the province was concerned. However, the good thing is that the separatist elements surrender before the law enforcement agencies and ready to accept the writ of the state. Also, the Hazara, Shia, community has been hit by militants for a long time. But a few days back, when their two men were killed by unknown persons, they went on a protest and asked that Chief of Army Staff has to assure them their security. The next day, COAS along with the Interior Minister visited and met the protestors, assured them every possible security and called them to end their protest which they accepted.

The overall situation of Balochistan is improving day by day. Days full of terror and threats in Balochistan is gone story by now. Credit goes to the people of Balochistan as their will was to improve their province. The will was affiliated with the efforts of Political institutions and Law Enforcement Agencies. The dynamics of Balochistan has been changed and they are prosperous for the future of Pakistan.




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