Balochistan has always been important in the history of Pakistan. It was at the forefront of the political unrest, underdevelopments, militancy, terrorism and above all it was disconnected from all other provinces. Yet, Pakistan Army’s experience in counter-insurgency warfare in Balochistan is both varied and rich. It has curbed four major insurgencies in Balochistan. The fact of the matter is to unfold the Pandoras boxof the high officials from Balochistan, who has used the lens of backend ideology and wildcards to serve their own vested interests but a layman Baloch is badly affected by these moves. Besides, these events have raised important questions about the interplay of interests between various levels of the state (including both the Sardars and the Government) and the various social groups that they claim to represent.

Balochistan is the largest province having low development in last decades. However, the state discourse on Balochistan was very ambiguous. To prevent state from breaching their hegemony, the local tribe leaders resisted by a minor insurgency and disturbance and did not let thestate get inside. The perceived threat of instability allows for and is produced by, a discourse of securitization, which has both economic and political aims and consequences.

Economically the “instability” or the securitization, aims to attract funds from higher levels of government. Yet, certain government and public security institutions within Balochistan were dependent on an instability paradox that was merely based on perception. Apart from that, federal system has categorically marked a box of blunders to deal with the Balochistan issue. A decade ago, instability card and also, the major chunk of incidents played vital role in getting people elected.

On one hand, this whole mega framework has produced ethnic divisions within Balochistan and also, a tussle among the tribes, which left the common efforts for the province, aside. With the passage of time, some good Sardars effectively curtailed the role of bad Sardars, who were using the insurgency card to serve their own interests. By this move, the vacuum was filled and downplay of instability now follows the exit door. Also, from the last decade the Federal bureaucracy is following the state commands, which marked the advent of new developments in Balochistan. While, On the other hand, the wise Provincial Government, which consists of people like Abdul Malik Baloch, Sarfraz Bugti, Anwar Ul Haq Kakar, also started to downplay instability. These individuals can represent Balochistan at the Federal as well as the international level, which earlier was missing.

At present, Balochistan is moving towards progress; there is stability, economic growth, infrastructure has been built, and there are no remote areas in Balochistan. This is because, the Federal Government now understands the true dynamics of Balochistan very well.  Besides, it’s the blessing that our true representation has done synchronized efforts for the people of Balochistan. This pace will bring more stability in Balochistan and very soon, it will match the prosperity of other provinces of Pakistan.


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