Baloch Culture

Baloch culture is opposite to the general perception about it. Though Balochistan is an area of barren lands, deserts and mountains, the Baloch culture is full of traditions, arts and crafts. Balochi embroidery is one of the most popular arts and crafts which are done by the females. Balochistan is also known for its tribes and festivals. Another distinct feature of Baloch culture is the storytelling tradition. Poets and storytellers are highly respected in Baloch culture. Being the largest provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan cultural landscape shows different cultural groups. In Balochistan, there are three main families named as Pashtoon, Baloch and Brahvi and they have different languages. But still in their literature, moral orders, beliefs and customs, they have similarity, but religion is the major bonding factor between them which gives the base for common social orders and unity. People in Balochistan are popular as they consider guests are the blessings of God and famous for their hospitability. In all relations, Balochs are sincere and faithful and there is no respect and place for the unfaithful people. A dressing of the Pashtoon, Baloch and Brahvi is very much similar having very little dissimilarities.

The people of Balochistan have always been very mythical and mysterious to the rest of Pakistan – you never know enough about the history and culture of the Baloch who reside in Pakistan. There are a lot of misconceptions about the beautiful people of Balochistan and the enriched province itself. Baloch people have a strong sense of respect for the culture their forefathers left them with, and they do everything in their power to carry it on for the generations who are to follow. Shughal has decided to show a soft and positive image of the absolutely amazing Baloch people and their extraordinary culture.
The Baloch have a sharp sense of cultural dressing with turbans and long shalwars.
The Baloch dress their children in the typical cultural “Balochs” outfits – a sense of pride and beauty. Every Baloch Sardar offers his people the “Kacheri” and “Haal-a-waal” system to solve their worries and problems.
Baloch people love playing their cultural games – this is a glimpse of the Balochi game “Hashti” (other games include Chauk and Ji).
Baloch men spend their festivities inside a traditional “Balochi Deewan” or a “Gidaan” – covered with cultural carpeting
A traditional Balochi bag called the “Jamagdan” – the women use it as a purse, with difficult traditional embroidery sewn on it
A water cooler used by the Baloch people known as a “Mashak” – convenient to fill, it stores water and keeps it cooler than a fridge
A Baloch festivity is not complete without the mouth-watering “Sajji” and “Kaak Roti” – lamb prepared around fire
The Baloch never shy out of their traditional dances in cultural dresses – the dances are known as “Leva” and “Chaap”
A Baloch gracefully pulls off the combo of a long “Balochi Gherr Shalwaar” and “Marri Cut Balochi Chabbay” – so enriching!
Baloch is famous for their hospitality and at a “Balochi dawat” – nobody goes home hungry!
It’s about time the rest of Pakistan shortens the gap that has been created between Baloch and them. We hope the simple, yet the extraordinarily beautiful culture of the Baloch people impressed you.


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