As many as four big dams including Satpara, Gomal Zam, Darwat and Shadi Kaur with an accumulative storage capacity of 1.11 million acre feet (MAF) were constructed during the last five years.

According to official sources, these dams were constructed in Balochistan, Sindh, South Waziristan and Gilgit Baltistan.

Giving details of the dams, they said Satpara dam (0.053 MAF) was completed in June 2012, Gomal Zam dam (0.892 MAF) in September 2013, Darawat Dam (0.087) in August 2014 and Shadi Kaur Dam (0.037 MAF) in October 2016.

These dams were constructed mainly for water storage and agriculture purpose. However, cheap hydel electricity was also being generated from the Gomal Zam dam.

The 20 small dams (0.036 MAF) were also constructed in Balochistan under 100 small dams project during the said period besides rehabilitating Akra Kaur Dam (Balochistan).

Similarly, some 13 big and small dams were under construction phases across the country.

These dams included Nai Gaj dam (Sindh), Kurram Tangi Dam (FATA), Diamer Basha (GB), Ghabir dam (Punjab), Sanam, Palai and Kundal, Basool dam (Balochistan) and Mangi dam etc.

Source: Times of Islamabad


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